For some people birds are creatures to be tolerated, for others they are flying annoyances or else they are things that not to be thought of at all. For many of the guests at Inlet Point Plantation, they form the basis of a passion. They are majestic creatures to be studied, appreciated and yes even envied in all there splendid diversity. For that group Inlet Point Plantation is a sort of Mecca especially as spring approaches and many bird species are at their most active. Many of our guests take advagreat_blue_heronntage of our group horseback rides of Myrtle Beach to witness these winged creatures. Some of our guests are professional bird watchers while others are amateurs who simply appreciate the beauty of nature in its infinite combinations. For those who are new to birding and would like to make the most of their experiencing witnesses indigenous birds such as White Egrets, Great Blue Herons, Double-crested cormorants, brown pelicans and even Canadian geese, here are some tips.

Don’t rush. Take Your Time: You will see more birds if you are patient and slow in your movements when you come upon a bird you wish to photograph. Birds are naturally skittish and sensitive to sudden movement.

Dress Appropriately: Avoid clothing that is either bright colored or that makes noise as you move.

Start Early: Most birds are more active in the morning hours than at other times of day.

Come prepared: Bring a field guide such as A Guide to Field Identification – Birds of North America, a good pair of binoculars, a camera (or binoculars that are a combination of the two), pencil and notebook, and a digital audio recorder. You may also wish to carry an Iphone as an additional reference tool. Also, be familiar with certain bird calls so that you can recognize the species you wish to observe/photograph.

Join a group: If you are new to birding or wish to enjoy it with fellow visitors, you may wish to bird watch in a group that can help fill the gaps in your knowledge regarding how to best find the species you are there to observe.

Yes, every year visitors bear witness to how Inlet Point Plantation gives them excellent opportunities to witness and record nature. Our visitors instantly enjoy the fellowship that being with others give them and they commune with nature while they are horseback riding in Myrtle Beach. For birdwatchers these opportunities can be difficult to capture without the right amount of preparation and equipment. It’s up to birders out there to take advantage of their chance to view these beautiful, strange and exotic animals that make the beaches of South Carolina and Inlet Point Plantation their home.