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Let the wonderful Myrtle Beach attractions draw you in… One of the reasons that Myrtle MyrtleBeachSkylineBeach has become one of the top vacation destinations in the country, and indeed the world, is due to the variety of things that there are for visitors to do here. Ordinarily, a person would have to go to several different locations to experience a variety of activities, to witness and behold a number of different settings and intermingle with people of many different backgrounds. Myrtle Beach is perfect for vacationers who wish to engage in a variety of activities under the warmth of a clear summer night or under a bright shining sun. Here, there are malls, beaches, amusement parks, shops, and of course Inlet Plantation’s horseback tours which stretch across beaches and snake through wilderness trails leaving visitors with memories they will cherish forever.

For vacationers who will be visiting Myrtle Beach we offer these tips:

  • Choose your travel dates wisely: Pick your travel dates carefully so that you can take advantage of airline deals, weather conditions, etc.
  • Read reviews: We encourage you to visit our site to read reviews from our current and past customers about their wonderful and unique experiences; and to do the same for any other activities you wish to do.
  • Form a schedule of activities: Include restaurants, beaches, bars and malls you may wish to visit.
  • Pack for the trip: Many nature lovers and bird watchers join us here at Intel Point Plantation so that they can view nature in all its glory. Be sure to bring a camera or field glasses or any other equipment you need to preserve the experience.

Although horseback riding in Myrtle Beach is one of the most popular activities that our visitors can experience, we realize that they might wish to relax and go shopping or see a show or eat at a fine dining establishment. Among the many Myrtle Beach attractions are world-class restaurants where tourists can dine out under the warm summer sky. Romantic ideas for Myrtle Beach visitors are abounding. Couples can plan a horseback ride away from our group tours if they desire. Some of our visitors are so inspired by the mood that is set by the ride that they have chosen that moment to propose.

Yes, Myrtle Beach and Intel Point Plantation offer a wealth of experiences and variety of activities that couples can experience together. That is the reason why Myrtle Beach and Intel Point Plantation continue to inspire lovers of all ages. Myrtle Beach is a very cosmopolitan place for vacationers and Intel Point Plantation is rich with history and rustic charm. We welcome lovers and families alike from all over the world.