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They say that in life you get back what you give. In the case of Inlet Point Plantation, visitors may actually get back much more. We strive to give visitors an experience they will not forget and for which they will want to make a family tradition for years to come. There are many reasons why visitors who have already become like family to us do come back year after year after year. Here are just a few:

  • Health Advantaghorse-huges: A vacation at Inlet Point Plantation is an adventure and not just a trip. While other vacations consist of simply lounging around, here at Inlet Point our visitors have access to trail rides in South Carolina. Visitors enjoy the health giving benefits of horseback riding. Such benefits include: strengthening of the core muscles, muscle tone and flexibility as well as body awareness. There are also mental benefits to horseback riding. The whole experience has a meditative effect as you commune with nature via these magnificent and majestic creatures.
  • Fellowship: By scheduling one of our group horseback rides through our Plantation, you are uniting with many others who share your love of nature and animals.
  • Communing with nature: The sun, the surf, the fresh air all speak to our visitors as they traverse some of the most beautiful land in the state. Our evening private island beach rides through South Carolina, for example, have as their backdrop glorious sunsets.
  • Love of animals and horses in particular: There is nothing like a peaceful ride across the beautiful beaches and trails of South Carolina for people who love animals. As you sit atop one of our magnificent horses you can not only bond with these graceful creatures but you can also witness other types of wildlife. Some of the rarest and most outstanding birds in the state make many of our beaches their home. Flocks of birds such as Great Blue Herons, Double-crested cormorants, brown pelicans frequent our beaches and are a main draw for bird watchers from all around the country.
  • Romance: Finally, there is nothing more romantic, more picturesque than a private horseback ride while the setting sun slowly sinks beneath the horizon. Couples routinely schedule private rides along our beaches. Some even choose the place and opportunity to enter into that holiest of unions – marriage.

Yes, we believe there are ample reasons why you should make the pilgrimage to our plantation as many others have in the past and continue to do; these are just a few. We invite you to come to Inlet Point Plantation and discover many more.