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Inlet Point Plantation is a natural magnet for people who love horses. Every year, tourists schedule group horseback rides of Myrtle Beach. As they ride through our 4,000-acre plantation and across beaches, they commune with our well-trained, intelligent horses. Some visitors are such animal lovers that they even bring their own horses and board them in our stables. But Featured imagedid you know that our horses are not the only animals that lure visitors to the plantation? Inlet Point Plantation is also a magnet for everyone from amateur bird watchers to ornithologists. This is because Huntington Beach State Park – which is just south of Myrtle Beach – and South Carolina in general are well known hotspots for birding.

Aquatic fowl like White Egrets, Great Blue Herons, Double-crested cormorants, brown pelicans and even Canadian geese are not uncommon to the North Myrtle Beach area. Even the majestic bald eagle and an exotic peacock can sometimes be spotted in state parks and beaches near the plantation. These exotic bird species thrive here and visitors can view them in their natural surroundings at any horse-friendly beach in South Carolina.

Horseback riding through Myrtle Beach is an introduction for some to other types of wild-life as well. These are people who are not necessarily birders but who appreciate nature in all its beauty. Bears and an occasional deer can also been seen along our trail rides in South Carolina. Inlet Point Plantation itself was recognized by Trip Advisor last year as being #1 of 43 North Myrtle Beach attractions due to this natural beauty and the friendliness of our staff. Our rides range from a one hour tour that starts at Waites Island and travels along the ocean front to our two hour tours that traverses our plantation, crosses Dunn Sound and onto our private island beach. Waites Island has the added significance of having a rich anthropological history. It is home to not only shore and song birds, but to American Indian artifacts, including burial mounds and ceramics.

Yes, the staff at Inlet Point Plantation stands ready to welcome visitors new and old to our family. For lovers of nature it is a great place to come and enjoy a ride that is both healthful and spiritually nourishing. For people who love wild life, Intel Point Plantation can be a wonderful observational experience.