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The heart beats faster, the pulse quickens and the feeling of exhilaration overtakes the entire body as it trembles in anticipation of one word– “yes” or “no.” This describes one of the most anxious moments in a man’s life – the day he proposes to his true love. The moment a man proposes to a woman and the day a woman hears what she has perhaps long awaited is special. The setting should be as memorable as the moment because it is an experience that will be cherished for a lifetime – for two life times. The surroundings should be equally romantic and extraordinary. One such special place filled with romance and picturesque beauty is Inlet Point Plantation in Myrtle Beach, SC.

Inlet Point Plantation is the ideal place to plan the perfect proposal. In fact, the rides and the scenery are so picturesque that it’s no wonder that last year Trip Advisor ranked Inlet Point Plantation #1 of 43 North Myrtle Beach attractions. Here at Inlet Point, couples canFeatured image take a sunset beach ride atop a pair of well-behaved and intelligent horses. They can find romantic inspiration while taking one of our exclusive private island beach rides through the plantation and over Dunn Sound. Finally, the couple can ride to beautiful Waites Island. It is perhaps here that he can find the perfect location to pop the question. For a small fee this life changing moment can even be captured for posterity as couples can arrange to have a picture taken of the entire experience. Inlet Point Plantation has captured many such moments between couples.

Couples can choose to go on one of several sunset island beach rides and take in the sites of the plantation itself as well as the beautiful oceanfront. The ride itself is only one of several romantic ideas Myrtle Beach holds. The scenery that one can take in is also filled with romance, beauty and history. Billy the Kid is reputed to have once lived here as well as Blackbeard the pirate. The plantation was also once the home of Fort Randall, which was a confederate fort from 1861 to 1863. How’s that for history? Yes, Inlet Point Plantation’s beauty and history make it the perfect place for couples to plan a future together and one of our Myrtle Beach horseback rides can transport you to a place of equal beauty.