With so many Myrtle Beach attractions to choose from you might be feeling a little overwhelmed as you plan your next family vacation. But you definitely won’t want to miss the historic tour of South Carolina that you’ll experience at Inlet Point Plantation. As you may remember from our last blog, Inlet Point has been home to quite a few interesting historical figures and events. Today we’re going to take you back to the Wild West for a look at one of the coolest ex-residents Inlet Point ever housed, infamous outlaw Billy the Kid…Featured image

The history of Billy the Kid is perplexing. There are many conflicting stories when it comes to the Kid and from what we can tell, historians cannot seem to agree on much. Everything from his birth year to the age and names of his sibling—or siblings—seems to be debated. In the midst of all the mysterious facts and/or myths surrounding the Kid, tracing the history of Inlet Point allows us to be as certain as possible that Billy the Kid called our property his home at some point in his exciting life.

One thing is for sure, the mystifying life of Billy the Kid makes for a fascinating read. Orphaned as an adolescent, the Kid found himself quickly falling into a life of crime. Reports of his character don’t fit who you would imagine an American outlaw to be. It has been reported that Billy the Kid had was kind, good-natured, generous and had a great sense of humor; not exactly traits you’d expect from a man known for murder, theft and violent behavior. A woman who knew the Kid once said in an interview that “…he was a remarkable boy, far above the average of the young men of those times and he undoubtedly had the makings of a fine man in him.” So maybe, had Billy the Kid had the proper guidance in those formative years, he would have lived a very different life. But where do what-ifs really get us when discussing such highly debated topics?

Our favorite theory to consider however, is the one that says Billy the Kid was not actually killed on July 14, 1881. In 1950, a man who went by the name Brushy Bill Roberts was on his death bed when he claimed to be Billy the Kid. Brushy Bill claimed that following the assumption of “his” death he moved to Texas to live a quiet, normal life. This claim has been highly debated ever since. We’re not sure if this one is true or not, but it is certainly more romantic to imagine that such a misunderstood kid actually rode off into the sunset and lived a long, quiet life.

The rich history of Inlet Point Plantation is filled with fascinating characters like Billy the Kid. Having some insight into our enchanting property history will make your sunset beach ride one for the books. Give us a call today to book your next horseback tour.