Birding Tips for the Inlet



For some people birds are creatures to be tolerated, for others they are flying annoyances or else they are things that not to be thought of at all. For many of the guests at Inlet Point Plantation, they form the basis of a passion. They are majestic creatures to be studied, appreciated and yes even envied in all there splendid diversity. For that group Inlet Point Plantation is a sort of Mecca especially as spring approaches and many bird species are at their most active. Many of our guests take advagreat_blue_heronntage of our group horseback rides of Myrtle Beach to witness these winged creatures. Some of our guests are professional bird watchers while others are amateurs who simply appreciate the beauty of nature in its infinite combinations. For those who are new to birding and would like to make the most of their experiencing witnesses indigenous birds such as White Egrets, Great Blue Herons, Double-crested cormorants, brown pelicans and even Canadian geese, here are some tips.

Don’t rush. Take Your Time: You will see more birds if you are patient and slow in your movements when you come upon a bird you wish to photograph. Birds are naturally skittish and sensitive to sudden movement.

Dress Appropriately: Avoid clothing that is either bright colored or that makes noise as you move.

Start Early: Most birds are more active in the morning hours than at other times of day.

Come prepared: Bring a field guide such as A Guide to Field Identification – Birds of North America, a good pair of binoculars, a camera (or binoculars that are a combination of the two), pencil and notebook, and a digital audio recorder. You may also wish to carry an Iphone as an additional reference tool. Also, be familiar with certain bird calls so that you can recognize the species you wish to observe/photograph.

Join a group: If you are new to birding or wish to enjoy it with fellow visitors, you may wish to bird watch in a group that can help fill the gaps in your knowledge regarding how to best find the species you are there to observe.

Yes, every year visitors bear witness to how Inlet Point Plantation gives them excellent opportunities to witness and record nature. Our visitors instantly enjoy the fellowship that being with others give them and they commune with nature while they are horseback riding in Myrtle Beach. For birdwatchers these opportunities can be difficult to capture without the right amount of preparation and equipment. It’s up to birders out there to take advantage of their chance to view these beautiful, strange and exotic animals that make the beaches of South Carolina and Inlet Point Plantation their home.


Famous Horses in History


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One of the benefits that equestrians who visit Inlet Point Plantation gain – apart from the chance to form an unspoken bond with nature – is the opportunity to take a historic tour of South Carolina. Inlet Point Plantation, and South Carolina in general, is rich with places that are historically significant. It is a sort of Mecca for history buffs and equestrians alike. However, history doesn’t just involve people and places. History also involves the noble creatures that our visitors choose to commune with every year – our horses. For example, a horse common to South Carolina – the Marsh Tacky horse – can have its lineage traced all the way back to Native American tribes and to the Spanish who introduced horses to the North American continent. So this month we decided to honor the intersection of equestrian and historical love that is Inlet Point Plantation and take a look at some famous horses in history…

Famous War Horses

Traveller: This was a favorite horse of General Robert E. Lee at a time when a horse was everything to a rider including General_R._E._Lee_and_Travelera companion, a farming implement, a means of transportation and – in the case of Lee – a war chariot. Traveller was shot in order to mercifully end his life after he had contracted tetanus.

Methuselah: One of Ulysses S. Grant’s favorite horses during the American Civil War, Methuselah was acquired by the Union general and was first ridden by him upon re-entering the Army in 1861. Cincinnati was another favorite of General Grant’s that he rode on several campaigns.

Marengo: This Egyptian breed was a favorite of the French emperor Napoleon Bonaparte. After carrying the emperor through several battles it was eventually captured by British officer Lord Petre.

Comanche: This famous steed was known to be the only survivor of the battle of The Little Big Horn. He received a military funeral when he died.

Famous Race horses in history

Eclipse: This was the most famous horse of the 18th century. He was undefeated in 18 races.

Man O’ War: Thought by many to be the greatest racehorse in history, Man O’ War won man o warthe Belmont Stakes and the Kenilworth Park Gold Cup and was so dominant that other trainers did not want to put their horses up against him.

Seabiscuit: A descendent of Man O’ War, he got off to a slow start but became a dominant force in horseracing for years.

Secretariat: This legend among horse racing fans became the first juvenile in history to win the Horse of the Year Award. He was the first horse to win the Kentucky Derby in less than 2 minutes and continued to topple records until his death.

A price simply cannot be put on the communion with nature and health giving benefits that riding our horses provide.  Taking one of our trail rides in South Carolina is the perfect way to connect with these horses and their cousins who are such an important part of world history.



Tips for Planning the Perfect Summer Vacation in Myrtle Beach


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Let the wonderful Myrtle Beach attractions draw you in… One of the reasons that Myrtle MyrtleBeachSkylineBeach has become one of the top vacation destinations in the country, and indeed the world, is due to the variety of things that there are for visitors to do here. Ordinarily, a person would have to go to several different locations to experience a variety of activities, to witness and behold a number of different settings and intermingle with people of many different backgrounds. Myrtle Beach is perfect for vacationers who wish to engage in a variety of activities under the warmth of a clear summer night or under a bright shining sun. Here, there are malls, beaches, amusement parks, shops, and of course Inlet Plantation’s horseback tours which stretch across beaches and snake through wilderness trails leaving visitors with memories they will cherish forever.

For vacationers who will be visiting Myrtle Beach we offer these tips:

  • Choose your travel dates wisely: Pick your travel dates carefully so that you can take advantage of airline deals, weather conditions, etc.
  • Read reviews: We encourage you to visit our site to read reviews from our current and past customers about their wonderful and unique experiences; and to do the same for any other activities you wish to do.
  • Form a schedule of activities: Include restaurants, beaches, bars and malls you may wish to visit.
  • Pack for the trip: Many nature lovers and bird watchers join us here at Intel Point Plantation so that they can view nature in all its glory. Be sure to bring a camera or field glasses or any other equipment you need to preserve the experience.

Although horseback riding in Myrtle Beach is one of the most popular activities that our visitors can experience, we realize that they might wish to relax and go shopping or see a show or eat at a fine dining establishment. Among the many Myrtle Beach attractions are world-class restaurants where tourists can dine out under the warm summer sky. Romantic ideas for Myrtle Beach visitors are abounding. Couples can plan a horseback ride away from our group tours if they desire. Some of our visitors are so inspired by the mood that is set by the ride that they have chosen that moment to propose.

Yes, Myrtle Beach and Intel Point Plantation offer a wealth of experiences and variety of activities that couples can experience together. That is the reason why Myrtle Beach and Intel Point Plantation continue to inspire lovers of all ages. Myrtle Beach is a very cosmopolitan place for vacationers and Intel Point Plantation is rich with history and rustic charm. We welcome lovers and families alike from all over the world.

Top Reasons to Enjoy a Peaceful Outdoor Adventure with Inlet Point Plantation


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They say that in life you get back what you give. In the case of Inlet Point Plantation, visitors may actually get back much more. We strive to give visitors an experience they will not forget and for which they will want to make a family tradition for years to come. There are many reasons why visitors who have already become like family to us do come back year after year after year. Here are just a few:

  • Health Advantaghorse-huges: A vacation at Inlet Point Plantation is an adventure and not just a trip. While other vacations consist of simply lounging around, here at Inlet Point our visitors have access to trail rides in South Carolina. Visitors enjoy the health giving benefits of horseback riding. Such benefits include: strengthening of the core muscles, muscle tone and flexibility as well as body awareness. There are also mental benefits to horseback riding. The whole experience has a meditative effect as you commune with nature via these magnificent and majestic creatures.
  • Fellowship: By scheduling one of our group horseback rides through our Plantation, you are uniting with many others who share your love of nature and animals.
  • Communing with nature: The sun, the surf, the fresh air all speak to our visitors as they traverse some of the most beautiful land in the state. Our evening private island beach rides through South Carolina, for example, have as their backdrop glorious sunsets.
  • Love of animals and horses in particular: There is nothing like a peaceful ride across the beautiful beaches and trails of South Carolina for people who love animals. As you sit atop one of our magnificent horses you can not only bond with these graceful creatures but you can also witness other types of wildlife. Some of the rarest and most outstanding birds in the state make many of our beaches their home. Flocks of birds such as Great Blue Herons, Double-crested cormorants, brown pelicans frequent our beaches and are a main draw for bird watchers from all around the country.
  • Romance: Finally, there is nothing more romantic, more picturesque than a private horseback ride while the setting sun slowly sinks beneath the horizon. Couples routinely schedule private rides along our beaches. Some even choose the place and opportunity to enter into that holiest of unions – marriage.

Yes, we believe there are ample reasons why you should make the pilgrimage to our plantation as many others have in the past and continue to do; these are just a few. We invite you to come to Inlet Point Plantation and discover many more.

Inlet Point: A Birdwatcher’s Paradise


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Inlet Point Plantation is a natural magnet for people who love horses. Every year, tourists schedule group horseback rides of Myrtle Beach. As they ride through our 4,000-acre plantation and across beaches, they commune with our well-trained, intelligent horses. Some visitors are such animal lovers that they even bring their own horses and board them in our stables. But Featured imagedid you know that our horses are not the only animals that lure visitors to the plantation? Inlet Point Plantation is also a magnet for everyone from amateur bird watchers to ornithologists. This is because Huntington Beach State Park – which is just south of Myrtle Beach – and South Carolina in general are well known hotspots for birding.

Aquatic fowl like White Egrets, Great Blue Herons, Double-crested cormorants, brown pelicans and even Canadian geese are not uncommon to the North Myrtle Beach area. Even the majestic bald eagle and an exotic peacock can sometimes be spotted in state parks and beaches near the plantation. These exotic bird species thrive here and visitors can view them in their natural surroundings at any horse-friendly beach in South Carolina.

Horseback riding through Myrtle Beach is an introduction for some to other types of wild-life as well. These are people who are not necessarily birders but who appreciate nature in all its beauty. Bears and an occasional deer can also been seen along our trail rides in South Carolina. Inlet Point Plantation itself was recognized by Trip Advisor last year as being #1 of 43 North Myrtle Beach attractions due to this natural beauty and the friendliness of our staff. Our rides range from a one hour tour that starts at Waites Island and travels along the ocean front to our two hour tours that traverses our plantation, crosses Dunn Sound and onto our private island beach. Waites Island has the added significance of having a rich anthropological history. It is home to not only shore and song birds, but to American Indian artifacts, including burial mounds and ceramics.

Yes, the staff at Inlet Point Plantation stands ready to welcome visitors new and old to our family. For lovers of nature it is a great place to come and enjoy a ride that is both healthful and spiritually nourishing. For people who love wild life, Intel Point Plantation can be a wonderful observational experience.

Plan the Perfect Proposal at Inlet Point Plantation


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The heart beats faster, the pulse quickens and the feeling of exhilaration overtakes the entire body as it trembles in anticipation of one word– “yes” or “no.” This describes one of the most anxious moments in a man’s life – the day he proposes to his true love. The moment a man proposes to a woman and the day a woman hears what she has perhaps long awaited is special. The setting should be as memorable as the moment because it is an experience that will be cherished for a lifetime – for two life times. The surroundings should be equally romantic and extraordinary. One such special place filled with romance and picturesque beauty is Inlet Point Plantation in Myrtle Beach, SC.

Inlet Point Plantation is the ideal place to plan the perfect proposal. In fact, the rides and the scenery are so picturesque that it’s no wonder that last year Trip Advisor ranked Inlet Point Plantation #1 of 43 North Myrtle Beach attractions. Here at Inlet Point, couples canFeatured image take a sunset beach ride atop a pair of well-behaved and intelligent horses. They can find romantic inspiration while taking one of our exclusive private island beach rides through the plantation and over Dunn Sound. Finally, the couple can ride to beautiful Waites Island. It is perhaps here that he can find the perfect location to pop the question. For a small fee this life changing moment can even be captured for posterity as couples can arrange to have a picture taken of the entire experience. Inlet Point Plantation has captured many such moments between couples.

Couples can choose to go on one of several sunset island beach rides and take in the sites of the plantation itself as well as the beautiful oceanfront. The ride itself is only one of several romantic ideas Myrtle Beach holds. The scenery that one can take in is also filled with romance, beauty and history. Billy the Kid is reputed to have once lived here as well as Blackbeard the pirate. The plantation was also once the home of Fort Randall, which was a confederate fort from 1861 to 1863. How’s that for history? Yes, Inlet Point Plantation’s beauty and history make it the perfect place for couples to plan a future together and one of our Myrtle Beach horseback rides can transport you to a place of equal beauty.

Sometimes Rumors are All You Need


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One of my favorite things about traveling abroad is the history. Everywhere you go there is history all around you. Everything from the architecture to the roadways seem to have a story to tell. Most people think this isn’t the case in the United States, but most people are wrong. This country has a rich history and a million stories to tell, we just have to be a little more open to listening. Our history markers may not be as obvious as what you see in Europe, but they’re here.

One of the best ways to explore historical roots is to book an organized tour of some kind, and Myrtle Beach horseback rides are a great way to take a historic tour of South Carolina. Lucky for you, Inlet Point Plantation offers a fantastic historic ride that history buffs and novices alike are sure to enjoy.

Our plantation has played host to some pretty amazing historical figures and events. We’ve already told you about the days when Inlet Point was home to a confederate fort. We’ve discussed one of our most exciting past residents, Billy the Kid. Now we’re going to take a look at another fascinating ex-resident—maybe squatter or visitor would be a more appropriate term—of Inlet Point Plantation. Now, I will be honest, I am only going on rumors with this one; but when it’s rumored that Blackbeard himself once used your island as a safe haven, you go with it…

The history of legendary English pirate, Blackbeard is as mysterious as it is famed. It is commonly believed that Blackbeard was Edward Teach, probably born in Bristol, England and probably a sailor on privateer ships in his earlier years. With the knowledge he gained as a privateer, Teach leFeatured imageft those days behind, stole a ship to use as his own and became the most notorious pirate to go down in history; or so the legend goes.

Although some believe that the tales of Blackbeard have been romanticized for effect, historians are as certain as they can be that this particular pirate did exist. And while he may not have been as ruthless and rowdy as the tales will have you believe, he was almost certainly a prominent pirate who successfully captured and looted numerous merchant ships in the 1700s.

As you read the many tales, historical accounts and biographical reports out there one thing becomes clear, Blackbeard’s hubris was the beginning of the end for him. Blackbeard was finally brought down when he decided to host a wild pirate get-together that lasted days. After a daylong ship chase, Blackbeard was finally killed by Lieutenant Robert Maynard of the Royal Navy, leaving behind a much mused about treasure that has yet to be found.

It is universally agreed upon that Blackbeard’s main pirating grounds were along the East Coast of the US and his home base was most likely in one of the Carolinas; and this brings us to the Inlet Point Plantation. It’s rumored that sometime in the midst of all these hijinks, maybe even multiple times, Blackbeard sought refuge on our little island. Now, I know what you’re thinking—well at least it’s what I’ve thought—could Blackbeard have buried his infamous lost treasure at Inlet Point? Well, we’ve searched the property ten times over and have yet to find Blackbeard’s treasure. So if he did burry it on our island, he hid it very, very well.

Life is Good When You’re Riding Horses


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Whether you’re looking for fun family adventures or intimate romantic ideas, Myrtle Beach has something for you. At Inlet Point Plantation alone you’ll find a little something for everyone; maybe you’re interested in a historic tour of South Carolina or maybe you’d like to take a charming sunset beach ride with that special someone, either way Inlet Point has you covered.

Horseback riding is an often overlookeFeatured imaged recreational activity that actually has a lot to offer. Not only is it an out-of-the-box way to bond and explore with your loved ones, but horseback riding is also good for your health—both mental and physical health. Let’s talk about some of the benefits of horseback riding…

You gain balance and stability like no other. Stability is necessary to transfer energy into effort for any activity. Horseback riding really works your core, which is key to balance and stability. The increase in balance and stability also means you’ll have a heightened sense of body awareness which will benefit you’re everyday life greatly.

Increased flexibility is inevitable. Straddle a horse’s back long enough and you’re flexibility will increase naturally. Increased flexibility means better range of motion which leads to better quality workouts overall.

You’ll see improved overall strength in everything that you do. The specific benefits mentioned above combined with the improved coordination you’ll experience and the stronger core, thigh and pelvic muscles that will develop will give you total-body strength that is hard to achieve with most other single activities.

You get back to nature and see the world from a different perspective. When you’re riding along a charming tree-lined trail or a beautiful beach atop a graceful thousand pound animal, you will have a whole new appreciation for nature and the world around you. While you’re up there breathing in the fresh air and enjoying the magical sights, let go of the stresses of everyday life and really soak in the moment.

Your mental health will benefit immensely. Horseback riding has many positive mental health benefits; it teaches the rider patience, self-control, compassion and understanding—just to name a few. Horseback riding has also been said to have a meditative effect which is good for the mind, body and soul. Riding horses leaves you in high spirits, ready to take on the world.

You will notice enhanced mental capabilities as well. Horseback riding sharpens your quick thinking and problem solving abilities. It has also been linked to improved interpersonal and socialization skills.

I could go on and on about the benefits of horseback riding, but I think you get the point. So whether you’re a casual vacation rider or an avid equestrian lover, give us a call today to book your group horseback rides in Myrtle Beach and get ready for an uplifting bonding experience like no other.

Billy the Kid and Inlet Point



With so many Myrtle Beach attractions to choose from you might be feeling a little overwhelmed as you plan your next family vacation. But you definitely won’t want to miss the historic tour of South Carolina that you’ll experience at Inlet Point Plantation. As you may remember from our last blog, Inlet Point has been home to quite a few interesting historical figures and events. Today we’re going to take you back to the Wild West for a look at one of the coolest ex-residents Inlet Point ever housed, infamous outlaw Billy the Kid…Featured image

The history of Billy the Kid is perplexing. There are many conflicting stories when it comes to the Kid and from what we can tell, historians cannot seem to agree on much. Everything from his birth year to the age and names of his sibling—or siblings—seems to be debated. In the midst of all the mysterious facts and/or myths surrounding the Kid, tracing the history of Inlet Point allows us to be as certain as possible that Billy the Kid called our property his home at some point in his exciting life.

One thing is for sure, the mystifying life of Billy the Kid makes for a fascinating read. Orphaned as an adolescent, the Kid found himself quickly falling into a life of crime. Reports of his character don’t fit who you would imagine an American outlaw to be. It has been reported that Billy the Kid had was kind, good-natured, generous and had a great sense of humor; not exactly traits you’d expect from a man known for murder, theft and violent behavior. A woman who knew the Kid once said in an interview that “…he was a remarkable boy, far above the average of the young men of those times and he undoubtedly had the makings of a fine man in him.” So maybe, had Billy the Kid had the proper guidance in those formative years, he would have lived a very different life. But where do what-ifs really get us when discussing such highly debated topics?

Our favorite theory to consider however, is the one that says Billy the Kid was not actually killed on July 14, 1881. In 1950, a man who went by the name Brushy Bill Roberts was on his death bed when he claimed to be Billy the Kid. Brushy Bill claimed that following the assumption of “his” death he moved to Texas to live a quiet, normal life. This claim has been highly debated ever since. We’re not sure if this one is true or not, but it is certainly more romantic to imagine that such a misunderstood kid actually rode off into the sunset and lived a long, quiet life.

The rich history of Inlet Point Plantation is filled with fascinating characters like Billy the Kid. Having some insight into our enchanting property history will make your sunset beach ride one for the books. Give us a call today to book your next horseback tour.

Inlet Point Plantation: Cannon Ball Remains and All



When you take a deeper look into the Inlet Point Plantation history you might find yourself lost in a sea of fanciful tales; from confederate forts to old west outlaws to family estates, our property has seen it all. With over one hundred years of fascinating owners and occupants, our grounds would have many tales to tell if only grounds could talk. Since acres of land are incapable of telling stories, we’ll just have to do our best to share those stories with you. When you’re here taking a horseback tour oFeatured imagef our breathtaking plantation the incredible history of the acreage will come to life right before your eyes. Let’s start way back in 1861…

As evidenced by the remains of a cannon ball that still lies in place on the Battery Hill, our beautiful plantation was once the home of Fort Randall, a confederate fort from 1861 to 1863. The US North Atlantic Squadron was very active in this area during the War of the States, also known as the American Civil War. The open fields at the entrance of our stables were originally cleared by the 9000 confederate soldiers that once occupied the property. The tree line along the IntraCoastal Waterway served as the perfect barrier from coming enemy ships. The acres of land Inlet Point Plantation now sits on offered many natural advantages that made it the perfect location for a confederate fort. Today those same natural advantages make it the perfect place to enjoy a thrilling horseback tour.

The War of the States is a vital period in American History and when you visit our property you can soak that history in. Here at Inlet Point Plantation time stands still amongst our natural beauty and underdeveloped beaches. Our horseback tours offer something for everybody in your group. So gather all your history buffs, nature enthusiasts, animal lovers and beach dwellers alike and head over to Myrtle Beach for tour of our plantation that is relaxing, fascinating and awe-inspiring all at the same time.

A rich American history hangs in the air at Inlet Point Plantation and our passion is sharing that fascinating history and natural beauty of our property with each and every one of our guests. Call us today to set up your horsebacFeatured imagek tour and discover why we are one of Grand Strand’s “Best Kept Secrets.”